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Welcome to Django Packages’ Documentation

Django Packages is a website that helps Django developers choose the right third-party package to use in their Django project. It is written in Python and Django.

The documentation is geared toward contributors and maintainers of Django Packages.

About Django Packages

Django Packages contains information about more than 5,000 packages that can be used by Django developers to make their lives easier. Many types of packages can be added to Django Packages, including:

  • Apps: Small components installed via INSTALLED_APPS
  • Frameworks: Larger projects that combine many apps. Wagtail CMS, for example.
  • Projects: Standalone projects that are not installed into your project, but may still be useful. The website, for example.
  • Other utilities: Other packages that may or may not be installed, or are not directly relevant to Django-specific development, but are still useful to Django developers. The linter black, for example.

Django Packages makes it easier to compare packages to one another using grids. A grid is a collection of packages about a single topic. There is a grid for CMS packages, for example.

Supported Platforms

Django Packages supports packages hosted on the following platforms:

  • Bitbucket (some support)
  • GitHub (fully supported)
  • GitLab (some support)

Getting Started

Do you want to contribute to making Django Packages better? Here's how to get started:

  1. Follow the installation instructions to get the website running locally
  2. Consult the contributing instructions to help make your first pull request a success